Mom and daughter duo work to share a little kindness by painting rocks

CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. – A Christiansburg mom and her daughter are working to spread art and positivity across the New River Valley.

Katie and Abby Mallory are a part of the Kindness Rock Project.

It is a trend on social media where people paint rocks and leave them for others to find and collect. Photos of the painted rocks and hints of where to find them are shared on Facebook groups.

Katie said she enjoys spreading this time with her daughter and spreading a little joy with others.

“It’s been really fun you get to visit all these new places and you get to get a lot of fresh air, which I like,” said Abby Mallory.

“Yeah, the fresh air is great. It is just a great way to spent time together and you know like she said go out and get some fresh air,” said Katie Mallory.

Mallory said there are other kindness rock groups in the area, and you can learn more by visiting one of three Facebook groups: #blacksburgrocks, MoCoVaRocks, and Kindness Rocks of Christiansburg.